Sneaky and Pure

A bidet is a self-cleaning device used in several parts of the world. -in the Arab world, is a crucial device for its association with the hygienic practices of the Islamic religion -Istinjaa' (استنجاء), which means washing private parts with water after urinating or defecating.

It is a crucial purity ritual in the Islamic faith -for that bidets are widespread, not only in households, but even in public restrooms -the common bidet type is the handheld one, which is connected to a hose attached to a water fixture -the urinator/defecator holds the handheld bidet after doing their deed and press on the press included in the device to shoot water to their private area to wash it off -it is a common practice to use the bidet during urinating/defecating to mask the unpleasant sounds of bodily fluids, solids, and fumes -it is a very intimate, and trusting practice to separately share public restrooms, let alone use a device like mentioned very close to our private parts, especially when the person before us was using it behind a closed door.
Sneaky and Pure is an installation with several ways of arrangement, consisting of 24 rubber casts of handheld bidets with different human skin colors and lips attached to their heads. The work is a parody of the bizarre juxtaposition of the object and where it is located.

︎︎︎ Casted rubber
︎︎︎ Dimentions variable
︎︎︎ 2021