But These are Saudi’s Colors

A cutout replica of my public primary school uniform, and based on a personal anecdote. But These are Saudi’s Colors is an installation that conceptualizes the discourse of female teaching, child resentment, and stubbornness.

The dress collar was the only window to personalize the school uniform, and Winnie the Pooh’s picture on my collar was one of my first requests as a child, juxtaposed by the title of the work, which represents how my resentment of order was established.

The title came from a specific anecdote; a school day when my little brother and I were getting ready to go to school. My brother’s school bag was getting arranged by my eldest sister, his pencil case was missing a pen. After finally finding a pen, my brother held the pen sadly and said, “But there are Saudi colors.”

︎︎︎ Textile and pins
︎︎︎ 160 x 160 cm
︎︎︎ 2023